To ignore new technology and products is to bring about a company’s demise. Someone will adopt every new technology that impacts our supply chain, our customer, or our competitor, so we can’t afford to opt out. But figuring out how to best deploy or take advantage of new tools is not always easy. That’s why we created our emerging technology cards. They’re a way to make innovation with emerging tech more accessible. The cards get us thinking about the products and services we’ve always used or provided in new ways. In three separate engagements with a multinational cosmetics company, we used our tech cards to pair various emerging technologies with challenges the company faced to come up with innovative ways to solve them. Blockchain, for example, could be used with one of their brand’s supply chains to let customers see where each of the products they were interested in buying were sourced. Innovators don’t need to know how to implement emerging tech to understand their possible use and impact. The tech cards helped the senior leaders know just enough to begin thinking about a wider range of possible solutions.

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