As humans, we make assumptions: they’re efficient, make decision making easier, and help us operate day-to-day. But if we never pull back to question the assumptions we make, we miss seeing the whole picture. We can miss impactful opportunities. A multinational tech company wanted help to shake up some new kinds of thinking in two areas of their business — one relatively new and the other a pillar of their offerings. To uncover new ways of thinking, we got them to list out all the things that they knew to be true about each, things that are foundational to them, that make them what they are. From there, we examined the opposite of each item they thought they knew, to look from a perspective of what else could be. This simple sounding process is thought-provoking and often surprising, as they reconsider long-held beliefs, such as the identity of their customer. When we shine a bit of light on these assumptions, they begin to break down, opening new opportunities for innovation.

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