Sometimes, figuring out the answer to a question requires getting away from our ivory towers. It means going out into the world and listening to others — getting the answer from other sources. In the case of a global cafe chain, they wanted to increase employee well-being, but didn’t want to just guess what that could look like. So we used a mix of research methods, from literature reviews and landscape analysis to interviews, posing questions like “how do the chain’s competitors define well-being?”, and “what are the different methods and models of education, training, or career support?” We synthesized the various strands of research to reveal a number of trends. Mixed methods gave us a richer palette upon which to build a narrative. This meant that the insights used in the decision making process would be grounded in real people, users, and data as opposed to guesswork. With insights coming directly from the impacted group, they and their needs are brought into the decision making process.

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