We believe in making decisions better and faster and with less investment. This starts with testing many ideas with a few people. After many iterations, we end up testing a few ideas with many people. The first tests are fast and inexpensive. The final ones are more costly, but have already been proven.This allows us to eliminate ideas that won’t work, meaning that those that we carry forward are more likely to work. In our work with a global tech company, they were trying to tackle some big, complex problems. But figuring out how to solve them and deciding which solution to pursue can be daunting. Testing various solutions can also be time-consuming — and costly! Instead of doing the usual lengthy development and data collection process, we got them thinking about what it would look like to collect real data in as little as an hour. We put something together that customers could interact with, which would give us some signals. While data like this might not give us the complete answer we’re looking for, it will guide us in the direction we need to go.

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