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We are a global, multidisciplinary team working to help people reach new heights.

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Our story.

The world doesn’t change by itself. We shape it by designing systems, structures, and products. Once we design something, it will sustain itself unless we intentionally choose to change course.

When shaping our world, it’s not enough to only think about the problems we’re solving for. We need to look at the system and environment also or the momentum of it’s biases, inequality and structural/systemic problems come along with it.

That’s why People Rocket steps beyond human-centered design and into responsible design. We must also consider both the intended and unintended consequences that might result from our actions. As such, we believe that we have a responsibility to not just consider whether we can do something, but also whether we should.

We aim to contribute to creating more equitable and inclusive systems, reducing waste, democratizing innovation, and building a positive future for us all. We intentionally seek diverse perspectives and are committed to serving our people and partners, our clients and their customers, and the world at large. We apply these principles to choosing our work, how we treat people, and recommending solutions.

T-shaped people.

We believe in T-shaped people – those who have a breadth of abilities across the spectrum as well as in-depth knowledge in a specific domain (or two, or three!). We are a global team of T-shaped people with intentionally diverse in-depth knowledge areas and backgrounds. Through this approach we unlock adaptive expertise and collective intelligence to make our team the best it can be.

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You won’t see traditional job descriptions, on purpose. If after reading through, you believe 20-50% of your experiences are related and you're excited about our work – perfect – we want to hear from you!

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