Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team working together around the world.

Our story.

People Rocket was born out of a desire to help people reach new heights. The heart of our organization lies in the question, how do we help people achieve iconic goals and ultimately arrive at their moonshot? Through the last decade, we’ve learned it’s not always about the moonshot – sometimes it’s an orbit-shot, sometimes a sky-shot or even simply a roof-shot to reach a successful outcome. Reaching new heights means different things to different people – but they’re all worthy objectives.

That’s why we call ourselves People Rocket; we are the vehicle that uplifts you and helps shoot yourself upwards towards the sky, into the unknown, to reach your new height.

T-shaped people.

We believe in T-shaped people – those who have a breadth of abilities across the spectrum as well as in-depth knowledge in a specific domain (or two, or three!). We are a global team of T-shaped people with intentionally diverse in-depth knowledge areas and backgrounds. Through this approach we unlock adaptive expertise and collective intelligence to make our team the best it can be.

Meet the team.

Join us.

You won’t see traditional job descriptions, on purpose. If after reading through, you believe 20-50% of your experiences are related and you're excited about our work – perfect – we want to hear from you!