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People Rocket helps organizations re-envision what’s possible.

In response to the broken management consulting model, we’ve created an entirely new approach to collaboration — beyond organizational barriers, disciplines and industries — to create elegant solutions to complex business challenges.


We solve every challenge by applying our six core disciplines, collaborating with teams to create lasting transformation.


How Might We...

Uncover new market opportunities?


How Might We...

Create more innovative products?


How Might We...

Future-proof the business?


How Might We...

Create an innovative organizational culture?


How Might We...

Upskill our people for the work of tomorrow?


How Might We...

Build a distributed supply chain?

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Traditional management consulting is broken.
In fact, it’s been broken for a long time.

The business problems organizations face today are increasingly complex — and surfacing faster than ever before. And the competition? It’s fierce. And it’s global. We get it.

To thrive, organizations need sophisticated solutions. They need cultures that champion innovation through cross-functional collaboration, and the enthusiastic adoption of business design and emerging technologies. 

What they don’t need? Short-term advice or a one-size-fits-all strategy that falls apart as soon as the invoice is paid. We know. We’ve been there. And it’s the worst.

At People Rocket, we believe that organizations need real, customized solutions developed through long-term partnerships. They need access to experts who offer distributed intelligence and experience, human-centered design, learning science, and cutting-edge frameworks proven through academic and scientific research. They need sustained transformation. 

Traditional management consulting simply isn’t designed to deliver.

So, take a leap. Forget the management consulting of the past. And join People Rocket in the innovation revolution. We’re pretty sure you’ll have fewer challenges, and a lot more fun!

People Rocket offers an opportunity to quit traditional consulting and join the design revolution. We form partnerships with organizations seeking
real-world solutions for complex business challenges. We coach leaders and their teams, helping them to understand and adopt methodologies that bring  lasting transformations for organizations, and their people.”

— Rich Cox Braden
CEO Lecturer, Harvard + Stanford


People Rocket is excited to announce that we have been selected to work with the Australian government to research exploring the most effective ways to teach and apply innovation. This partnership incorporates joint research exploring the most effective ways to increase adoption of innovation in on-going projects within complex organizations.

The primary goal of this project is to build on-going, independent expertise and capability for innovation by leading 72 Australian Public Service (APS) employees in applying new methods to a wide range of on-going projects.

The partnership provides three different program structures: a two-day workshop; a half-day workshop plus an eight-week course; and a 14-week course. We will also looks at application of the learning sciences to influence workforce innovation applied learning programs, and approaches to measuring enduring efficacy of this approach.

The entire program is designed to provide employees and partners with a way to teach innovation in-house, without outside consulting, moving forward.

On a personal note — Rich and Tessa from our leadership team also volunteered their time to do pro bono participation in Australia's Innovation Month in 2019, and plan to do so again in 2020.



Rich Cox Braden

Chief Innovation Evangelist

Rich believes in combining business, academics, art and design to bring a fresh, innovative, design-fueled approach to sustainably increase the performance of people, teams and cultures.

Tessa Forshaw

Maverick Scientist

Tessa uses design to unlock agency in people. She supercharges the future of work through the intentional use of emerging technologies, neuroscience, and human-centered design.

Meredith Caldwell


Meredith inspires leaders to renew organizations. She solves large-scale problems, breaking down complexity to scale innovations, and form tangible outcomes.