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We work together with your team to introduce new ideas, build capabilities, and leave you with the tools you need for lasting change.

Strategic Projects

Traditional consulting models rely on previous experience to inform future challenges. That works in many contexts, but what might be “best practice” for one organization may not be the same for another. And no one understands your organization better than you do.

That’s why we prefer a participatory co-design model. Together we create a team of the most suitable experts from our organization and yours. By combining the strengths of our multidisciplinary team with your knowledge of your organization’s needs, we can achieve something greater than any of us could separately. It’s a 1+1 = 3 model.

Powered by co-design and backed by design thinking, we provide a range of consulting services, including strategic planning, performance measurement, and research, assessment, and analysis.


Research, Assessment, and Analysis
Strategic Planning
Performance Measurement

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Guided Experiences

Not everyone has time to spend months digging into a challenge. And not everyone needs to! That’s why we offer time-limited, project-based, and exploratory programs. 

Through these programs, individuals or teams can spend time building new skills, pushing their thinking, and learning how to transfer all of this learning to their work. These tried and tested programs are goal-oriented, designed to get at specific outcomes in an area of focus, such as innovation or leadership. They are typically a few hours to a couple days in length with options to customize the experience.

Based on your needs, our packaged experiences give you the skills and mindsets you need to take your idea, problem, or challenge to the next level.


Innovation Accelerator
Learning and Curriculum Design
Acting with Power


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Advisory Coaching

Coaching provides you with a sounding board and outside perspective as you take on difficult challenges in your unique context. Through our project-based model, we coach you, not tell you, how to arrive at an answer. 

We partner with you to uncover and define your needs across a range of areas, including leadership, DEI, and emerging tech. We lean on collaboration and coaching to work together to unlock new ways of working and thinking. Together we draw on human-centered frameworks to design a solution to your most pressing challenges — all while you remain in the driver's seat.

We offer both individual coaching and peer coaching, encouraging you to take chances, learn how to navigate conflict, practice presenting your ideas, or even help you develop communities of practice within your organization.


Leadership Development
DEI Capability Building
Emerging Tech Advising


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