Impact Cascades

July 18, 2021

Ready to Plan Using Impact Cascades?

Our downloadable impact cascades worksheet will help you think through the possible unintended consequences of your work so you can be better prepared for whatever comes your way.

Download the Worksheet
Download the Worksheet

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The Myth of Innovation — And Why We Should Aim to be Innovation(ish)

Innovation is not exclusive to a few elite visionaries. It is not a simple formula you can just follow. And it doesn’t happen for a lone genius overnight. The truth is, there’s a myth to innovation, and it’s important that all of us understand the mythical nature of this story.

The Moonshot: Lessons Learned from Dreaming Big

A moonshot is an iconic, enormous goal — one that takes enormous perseverance to achieve. Humans imagined themselves on the moon, and scientists, engineers, and astronauts eventually made it happen. Creating a successful consulting agency, while not as grand in scale, was our moonshot idea a decade ago. 

What We Can Learn About the Circular Economy from Amateur COVID Bakers

A circular approach means going from a "take-make-waste" use of the world's resources to a "reduce-redesign-reuse". It means keeping as much of the materials we use in the same system. It's an approach that can help us reach net-zero and opens the door for innovation, job creation and economic development.