Centralized Work Systems Left Us Vulnerable — Decentralized Work is Our Future

August 27, 2020

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The Myth of Innovation — And Why We Should Aim to be Innovation(ish)

Innovation is not exclusive to a few elite visionaries. It is not a simple formula you can just follow. And it doesn’t happen for a lone genius overnight. The truth is, there’s a myth to innovation, and it’s important that all of us understand the mythical nature of this story.

The Moonshot: Lessons Learned from Dreaming Big

A moonshot is an iconic, enormous goal — one that takes enormous perseverance to achieve. Humans imagined themselves on the moon, and scientists, engineers, and astronauts eventually made it happen. Creating a successful consulting agency, while not as grand in scale, was our moonshot idea a decade ago. 

Productive Automation: Robots and Humans as Colleagues

Automation is all about giving humans superhero capes. We think about it as a way for productive automated work technologies to amplify humanness and economic productivity