Workplace Systems Analyst

A Day in the Life of the Workplace System Analyst...

With a tea in hand, you start your day as you often do: catching up on slacks and notifications from team members around the world. You get word from your colleagues in Australia that the changes in the CRM configuration were a hit! 

Next you have a quick sync with the security team. There was recently a global security breach and you’ve decided to roll out a new password policy to decrease the likelihood of it repeating. Next step is drafting some comms for the team to start the change process.

Next, you join a kickoff meeting for a new data analytics project that you pitched. Your objective is to help the design teams manage their projects more easily and efficiently by decreasing the need for manual data entry. This will be hugely beneficial to them, allowing them to spend more time focused on creating the best possible work for People Rocket’s clients. You expect that their jobs will become considerably easier once the project launches.

You’ve also been working with the Project Success Managers to make some tweaks to the way designers track their projects and time. You collaborate to determine how to best use our tools and technology to make those tweaks possible.

After lunch, you have a demo with a new software vendor. A few designers have expressed the desire to integrate a new tool into their work and you want to find out whether it can be used with our existing system. The tool seemed promising and you spend a bit of time pulling together your thoughts and exploring what it would look like to make it happen. 

It’s already nearing the end of the day, but before you sign off, you complete your routine system checks. Among the things you check today are adding a new hire to the right groups ahead of their start date next week and cleaning up the permissions for a variety of groups. There have been some changes among the team and a few people have transitioned responsibilities, so you want to make sure their permissions are up to date.

A Workplace Systems Analyst at People Rocket...
  • Creates actionable data that enables better decision making 
  • Facilitates workplace productivity by providing appropriate tools
  • Ensures PR and client data is safely stored and accessible to the right people
  • Guides the integration of new tools and collaborates with system vendors to configure these tools as needed
  • Identifies opportunities for automation that makes employees’ lives easier
  • Loves all things data — and demonstrates patience for those who try, but don’t always get it

A bit about us…

People Rocket is leading a revolution in consulting — breaking the traditional dependency model. We use modern ways of working across industry, organizational, and geographic boundaries. Our approach creates independence for our clients by building their innovation capacity. We take an inclusive approach to innovation that values multidisciplinary collaboration. We source diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and expertise to create better solutions. 

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