Human Resources Manager

A Day in the Life of the Human Resources (HR) Manager...

It’s Thursday morning and you start your day by finalizing the comms for new benefits after a leadership review. You review the list and get ready to roll it out. You’re excited about adding several new things that keep building on the people-focused culture that lives up to the name. 

You’re looking forward to welcoming a new consultant who lives in a state we haven’t worked in before, but that means digging into the details of a new state filing. That means research. After looking at the registration process, you note a few questions to run by the local employment council you found through our primary attorney to make sure we are buttoned up.

You take a break for lunch and once you’ve eaten you change gears to focus on recruiting. When you check on our recruiting pipeline, you see that feedback has come in for two candidates. It’s time to schedule an interview review with the interviewer(s) and then come to a decision regarding the candidates with the hiring manager.

Some good news has also come in in the recruiting process — you’ve received the feedback on an offer summary to hire a great new employee. You put the wheels in motion to draft the offer letter and begin putting together the onboarding plan. You’re excited about this new addition who you feel will make a fantastic contribution to PR’s culture.

Next on your to do list is revising the travel policy. You’ve received a third request to clarify the policy and decide it’s time to revise that section to address the concerns folks have raised. Once you’ve updated it, you send it to the leadership for feedback.

Before you wrap up your day, you spend some time doing some forward planning. You review the feedback from last quarter’s employee engagement pulse check and begin thinking about what adjustments you’ll need to make before sharing the one for this quarter next week. You also decide it’s a good time to review the hiring plan and pipeline to ensure we are appropriately resourced, so you schedule some time to meet with the Head of Engagements early next week.

An Human Resources Manager at People Rocket...
  • Creates moments of belonging and everyday equity that supports PR’s commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI)
  • Advises leadership on employee relations and requirements for our talent force
  • Communicates company-wide expectations and guidelines through easily understood policies
  • Manages the development of our talent force and guides development pathways
  • Aligns PR’s rewards with market conditions to identify and retain the best talent
  • Collaborates across departments to drive performance and employee engagement

A bit about us…

People Rocket is leading a revolution in consulting — breaking the traditional dependency model. We use modern ways of working across industry, organizational, and geographic boundaries. Our approach creates independence for our clients by building their innovation capacity. We take an inclusive approach to innovation that values multidisciplinary collaboration. We source diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and expertise to create better solutions. 

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