Delivery Lead - Emerging Technology

A Day in the Life of a Delivery Lead - Emerging Technology...

It’s Thursday morning and you wake up excited for the day. The design team you lead is preparing to facilitate a workshop to understand the impacts of an AI tool on a client’s workforce. You review the design activities the team has pulled together, then jump on a call to provide feedback, adding a commercial awareness to the questions and prompts you provide.

It’s already mid-morning so you go for a walk before it gets hot outside and come back ready for the rest of the day, diving into Slack and emails and checking on the status of the projects you lead.

A food service client expressed interest in using a 360° video camera as a way to manage their supply chain. A designer has researched the tool and analogous use cases and you spend some time reveiewing their findings and putting together your recommendations. You lean on your emerging technology knowledge to consider if other solutions may better meet the client's needs. You share your thoughts with the designer, who adds them to the one-pager they've been drafting for the client. As with everything you review, you consider it through the lenses of human-centeredness, innovation, and equity.

Meanwhile, another designer pings you via Slack alerting you to a scope creep challenge they’re facing. You chat to hear more about the situation, scope, and needs of the client and team. You handle the outreach, listening to the client and explaining what options there are that will not jeopardize their broader goals.

Your last call is the weekly management meeting. You recently attended a conference where you met an executive from a growing fintech company. You had told her about People Rocket’s ability to bring experiential learning to organizations and how we help companies stay relevant by collaboratively finding solutions with emerging technologies. You had also discussed the benefits of Digital Colleagues and Bioinformatics. You think she might want to work with People Rocket, so you notify the management team of the conversation and set up a call with the business development lead to establish next steps.

A Delivery Lead - Emerging Technology at People Rocket...
  • Is knowledgeable about the latest research, trends, and impacts of trends in emerging technologies
  • Has experience delivering high-quality, complex projects, and knows about or is interested in design
  • Reviews, foresees, and manages risks and issues of project delivery, escalating appropriately
  • Manages budgets, timelines, staffing, and project plans
  • Brings experience motivating, managing, and driving teams towards success
  • Is responsible for client management, working in partnership with the design team, stepping in when needed to manage communications, problem solve, and ensure the project is on track for success
  • Facilitates workshops with C-suite members or Board members
  • Sees and communicates opportunities for our team to support current or future clients

A bit about us…

People Rocket is leading a revolution in consulting — breaking the traditional dependency model. We use modern ways of working across industry, organizational, and geographic boundaries. Our approach creates independence for our clients by building their innovation capacity. We take an inclusive approach to innovation that values multidisciplinary collaboration. We source diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and expertise to create better solutions. 

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