Delivery Lead - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

A Day in the Life of a Delivery Lead - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging...

You start your day with a nice cup of coffee or tea and respond to a client email regarding the status of an ongoing project. You want to make sure the project is on track and ensure the team knows what they need to do next, so you bring everyone together for an internal sync. Each project and client is unique, but in this instance you are developing a DEIB strategy for a retail franchise organization. You bring your skills and experience to the meeting, prepared to coach more junior team members to develop the content needed for the next client workshop.

Your role requires delivering complex projects while tapping into your existing expertise. You develop solutions for structural dynamics of DEI, assessing and addressing features of organizational cultures, and leveraging anti-racist practices and pedagogies.

For another client, you’ll soon be running a workshop with the C-suite on how to integrate strategies aimed at increasing belonging in their organization. You’re collaborating closely with your team to understand goals and limitations while ensuring each team member is equipped with the tools they need.

Suddenly, it’s 3pm. You need a pick-me-up, and decide to take your dog for a short walk. Taking this time for yourself leaves you re-energized and makes you a culture leader, setting an example and giving others permission to similarly look after their own needs.

Ready to get back to work, your team shares the latest iteration of a theory of change they are developing for creating equity of funding at a philanthropic organization. You look at it through the lenses of human-centeredness and innovation and check that it doesn’t perpetuate any systemic inequalities or biases. You provide your feedback and develop a plan to keep the project on track. You maintain the staff resourcing and budgets for all your projects and make note of any adjustments you need to make.

A Delivery Lead - DEIB at People Rocket...
  • Is knowledgeable about the latest research and requirements in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Has experience delivering high-quality, complex projects, and knows about or is interested in design
  • Reviews, foresees, and manages risks and issues related to project delivery, escalating appropriately
  • Manages budgets, timelines, staffing, and project plans
  • Brings experience motivating, managing, and driving teams towards success
  • Is responsible for client management, working in partnership with the design team, stepping in when needed to manage communications, problem solve, and ensure the project is on track for success
  • Facilitates workshops with C-suite members or Board members
  • Sees and communicates opportunities for our team to support current or future clients

A bit about us…

People Rocket is leading a revolution in consulting — breaking the traditional dependency model. We use modern ways of working across industry, organizational, and geographic boundaries. Our approach creates independence for our clients by building their innovation capacity. We take an inclusive approach to innovation that values multidisciplinary collaboration. We source diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and expertise to create better solutions. 

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