Principal Designer


A bit about us… People Rocket is leading a revolution in consulting — breaking the traditional dependency model. We use modern ways of working across industry, organizational, and geographic boundaries. Our approach creates independence for our clients by building their innovation capacity. We take an inclusive approach to innovation that values multidisciplinary collaboration. We source diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and expertise to create better solutions.

As an organization, we stand against systemic racism and oppression, and promote equity and belonging in our work and our working environment.

People Rocket is a global team of, what we call, ‘T-shaped’ people! T-shaped people come to People Rocket with a breadth of previous experiences and an in-depth knowledge of a specific domain or domains (i.e. marine biology, learning science, natural language processing , and communication design — just to name a few!). Our approach to hiring people with intentionally broad in-depth knowledge areas and with diverse professional/lived experiences allows us to unlock adaptive expertise and collective intelligence — also, it is what we believe makes our team the best it can be.

A bit about what we do… we work with organizations to invent a better future, so they can:

  • Take giant leaps forward on their most complex (and interesting) challenges
  • Step back to see their work from a new, more generative place
  • Challenge their assumptions and redefine what impact means for them
  • Take bold steps they might second-guess on their own
  • Problem solve from a fresh and inclusive perspective

A bit about our job descriptions…you won’t see traditional requirements, on purpose. If after reading this, you believe 20-50% of your experiences are related and you're excited about our work — perfect — we want to hear from you! Please know that People Rocket is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and does not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of race or color, gender identity or expression, religion, ethnicity or national origin, sexuality, physical ability, neurodiversity, or age.

Good morning! Coffee? Bagel? Oatmeal? 

You open your laptop from wherever you are on earth, and a long-term client has emailed you. They are asking for your help in solving a complex problem facing their organization. They've attempted to redesign their global supply chain with an in-house team. They need help approaching it from an innovative perspective. You are used to  driving content-rich discussions at the VP and Director level of the client to discover needs and connect the dots from those needs to our services, and want to collaborate with the People Rocket team before diving in.

Hustling for this new opportunity, you Slack with the Head of Engagements and assemble a design team. The team includes a couple of designers and a program manager who keeps you on track and lets you focus on the client. You and the team jump on Zoom for a design session. You use empathy and curiosity to uncover the client's needs and challenges. Your goal is to diagnose the right pain point because they never are what the client says. 

Half of your role is being a leader in Business Development. Next, you sync up with the Engagement Lead and the core client team to advise them on BD best practices. You have been working across People Rocket Strategy and C-suite  teams to iterate on our value proposition and in this call, you  share this more broadly with Engagements to align on how we talk with clients.

Before having a break for lunch, you use sales tools to identify new leads, aiming to kick off proposal development for those leads from tomorrow.

Half of your role is being a Lead in active engagements. After lunch, you jump on Zoom to co-facilitate a future of work accelerator session with a client. This workshop is number three in six similar sessions; today is about coming up with ideas. The client teams come up with 2,000 possible solutions in three hours! The teams have leaned into the Innovationish mindsets. But you know there's quite a bit of work ahead of you, and you need to keep this momentum going. 

As the Principal,  you can see the big picture. You balance client business needs with design expertise to challenge assumptions and drive decision making. Through this lens, you guide the group to pick 20 ideas to investigate and choose 10 to prototype. Next steps - the PSM schedules the meetings and coordinates materials for the client teams to build prototypes next week.

Next,  your team shares their latest theory of change with a philanthropic organization that you are redesigning the grant making process for. As you give feedback, you are looking at it through the lenses of human centeredness, innovativeness, and checking that it doesn’t perpetuate any systemic inequalities or biases.