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A bit about our job descriptions…you won’t see traditional requirements, on purpose. If after reading through, you believe 20-50% of your experiences are related and you're excited about our work - perfect - we want to hear from you!

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Team Testimonials

People Rocket has been a space where I can explore who I am and what I stand for. We often talked about human-centered design in school but living it and breathing it is a completely different thing. I love that I’m constantly learning new skills, challenging ideas, and collaborating with truly talented and creative people on the daily. Working here has built my confidence and taught me the reward of jumping into the unknown with a large dose of curiosity.

Consulting has the opportunity to be several things. The People Rocket approach ensures that the work ends up being the right things. This is accomplished in no small part by new ideas not only being welcome, but encouraged. On day one my input was sought on key projects. A company that cultivates a culture like this is easy to buy into.

People Rocket authentically prioritizes and embodies a human-centered philosophy that permeates all internal and external relationships and processes. I am grateful to be part of such a collaborative, creative team, as we continuously learn, unlearn, iterate, and co-create together.