Teryn, ages 8-12: writer, director, actor, promoter for the neighborhood world stage. Teryn would often direct these performances, from developing the story to giving every person a part, to “crowdsourced” costume and set design. While the group sold many tickets, they never made it past off-Broadway (way off Broadway!). These early productions shaped Teryn’s love for guiding individuals and groups to develop inspired experiences that create value and delight customers.


Teryn ignites leaders and teams to envision the future and achieve business outcomes, while surfacing deeper meaning for the user. She sparks C-suite, senior leaders, and organizations to catalyze innovation and intentionally evolve culture. Teryn inspires innovative approaches and courageous action, drawing on management consulting, design thinking, and social sciences. She has worked internationally in global organizations including: Coca-Cola, Mozilla, Lyft, Twitter, Virgin Atlantic, Chevron, Toyota, even the IRS.


Teryn is a Coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business for the Innovation Playbook course, working with Senior Director and VP-level execs to shape their stories about innovation initiatives, to help accelerate buy-in and bring the vision to market. Teryn has also served as a Guest Instructor with London Business School, as part of an innovation program in Silicon Valley.


As a Principal and Management Designer at People Rocket, Teryn brings fresh perspective, bridging the worlds of business and design, empowering her clients to frame their challenges in a new ways, uncover breakthrough insights, and spark creativity. She seamlessly navigates, translates, and integrates diverse points of view and language to bring teams together with a shared purpose and story. Teryn creates catalysts by arming people with new mindsets and tools to shift culture and accelerate the process from ideation to adoption. Executives seek her ability to listen deeply and challenge their thinking, amplifying their ability to lead more mindfully, embody an authentic, powerful presence and drive business forward.


Teryn’s career has taken her from management consulting and organizational design at Accenture, to leadership development with global teams of high potentials, to advising CIOs and IT leaders on strategy and talent. Most recently, at Steelcase, Teryn used human-centered design to help organizations use the built-environment to achieve business outcomes. She was also part of the core Innovation Team, working to determine the company’s Innovation Strategy for the next 25 years.


Teryn has a background in musical theater, art, and cooking without recipes. She loves the built-environment and is regularly redesigning spaces in her home when not traveling the world.


Teryn has overnighted north of the Arctic Circle, on an active oil field.  Happier in Mediterranean climates (thanks to Spanish/French heritage), she lives in Marin and regularly explores the mountains, coast, and local culture with her husband.



Teryn believes the answer is in the room. She creates experiences that spark moments of discovery and harness collective insight. She is determined to help everyone recognize and use their inner wisdom to make life and work more meaningful for themselves and others.