A friend painted the picture with his hands in the air, saying, “I see you in old age: you have beautiful snowy white hair and live in an elegant home surrounded by pictures of loving family.” Alison was intrigued and excited by this future vision, one that she had never imagined. That moment in her 20s changed her life, because she realized that not only could she create her own future to grow into, but sometimes we need someone else to help us see it. Alison saw the power of giving someone something they can’t see themselves. A coach was born.


Alison is a leadership communications coach, executive speaker coach, and executive coach. As an executive coach, she partners with individuals to help them maximize their performance and aspire greatly, and is frequently sought as an executive speaker coach for high-stakes presentations. As a communications coach, she designs and delivers experiential programs in: leadership development, storytelling, presentation development and delivery, and team communications, as well as working collaboratively with teams on vision, strategy, engagement and story. Alison has worked with executives and teams from Salesforce, Facebook, The Gates Foundation, Sage, Intel, U.C. Berkeley, Ubisoft, and Sandia National Labs.


Alison is an Assistant Lecturer for Leadership Communications in the MBA programs and Center for Executive Education at the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business. She has guest lectured at UC San Diego, UCLA, UCSF, the Stanford School of Medicine, and Duke Executive Education. She holds an MBA from Berkeley Haas, and a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley. In addition, she has a certificate in coaching from the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute and a certificate in designing learning from the Association for Talent Development.


Alison helps organizations and leaders increase human performance. She facilitates authentic, impactful communication across people, organizations, and cultures, and infuses them with new possibility and creativity. Alison meticulously develops processes to translate intangible skills into concrete action. She fosters “growth mindset” in leaders to not only develop themselves, but also create learning organizations.


Prior to her career in people development, Alison worked over 7 years in technology at Apple/iTunes where she helped build the digital content business from a start-up division to a multi-billion dollar global business. Before Apple, Alison had a consulting practice in accounting and operations serving small businesses for 10 years. She also worked as a professional actor/singer.


Alison worked as an award-winning musical theater actor/singer at companies such as American Conservatory Theater, Theatreworks, and Marin Theater Company. Alison has years of study in singing, improv, voice, diction, bodywork, text analysis, and directing. Her belief in continuous growth and love of learning continues today as she stretches herself to expand her performance range, with a professional acting coach.


Alison’s favorite singing job was a summer spent in Interlaken, Switzerland as one of a quartet of singing waiters at the #2 hotel in Switzerland, the Victoria Jungfrau. By night she donned a stylized waiter’s uniform and sang to restaurant guests, and by day she hiked in the hills and biked around the lakes.



Alison believes deeply in people expressing themselves and living full lives. Her goal as a coach and consultant is to empower people to continue to develop themselves and find ways to leverage their abilities for positive impact, as they see fit.